Kay's Jeweler's Greece Ridge Center Rochester NY.

Don't look for service here. It's a foreign concept. I bought my girlfriend a blue topaz bracelet whose clasp shortly after purchase would not keep the bracelet on. (originally bought at a sister location in Rochester, NY)

We then brought the bracelet to the Kays in Marketplace Mall in Rochester, NY. They gave us the exact same bracelet new in the box. This bracelet's clasps held too tight making its removal difficult. This second bracelet was brought to Kays in Greece Ridge Center....its new replacement mate's clasp was too loose. We suggested that they put a "lobster claw" on to solve the problem...thinking that it was new and this model's clasping mechanism was flawed, at their cost. Mgr. refused. I said I'd close my account and take my $2500 line of credit to a competitor. He was pissed that I had "challenged" his decision and said I was disturbing his staff and other employees. I was trained in business that the customer was always right and to not make rude comments to challenge the complaint. This was only "smoke" for his POOR DECISION. He gave me customer care's number . I called on a Sunday but they were closed. I called this manager's district manager whose extension would not gravitate to voice mail. On a second call I got a man who said he was security. Told him I wanted to speak with someone immediately...was put on hold...call was dropped and couldn't reach anyone again that evening. All over a $40 repair which I would have paid. In summation I'll probably close my account and do business elsewhere where they understand the concept of "customer service'. Had I been treated fairly I might have bought my girlfriend a $6,000 "Leo ring"...but if they balk at a $40 repair on a $125 bracelet...what happens when I have a problem with that $6000 "Leo" diamond ring? The numbers just don't add up. Oh well...Kays loss..I guess.

Glen Roth

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If it was only $40, why'd you make such a big deal about it?? And trust me, companies that big do NOT care that you say you'll take your business elsewhere.

They have procedures they go by.

So stop your fussing already. Geez!


should've got the repair warranty...


My 2 girls recieved a necklace each from their uncle from kays. In 3 days my one daughter wearing hers and the claw clasp broke.

I took it in and they replaced it claiming that never happened before. OK Now my other daughter wants to wear hers today I go to put it on and the claw clasp fell apart right in my hand. Never worn brand new and broke. Now I need to take that one back.

I have to wonder if these are cheaply made and if other people are having the same problem they need to recall them. I don't want my girls to wear these if its going to break and get lost.

What is the sence! I have never had a problem with a claw clasp before but I have never bought from Kays........

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