My boyfriend got me a diamond ring from Kay's as a gift. Not knowing my size, he gave me the standard and I went in the next day to get sized.

They used a set of different sized bands and found my finger to read a 5.5. Two weeks passed and I received my ring. My boyfriend picked it up and brought iy home to me. It was huge!

I compared it to a friends ring, which was a 6.5 and it fit identical. When I called Kay's with my concern they told me because I didn't have a warrantee I would be charged another sizing fee if I wanted to have it resized and asked me if my fingers were cold, perhaps they would fit different to a ring depending on my temperature. Im not *** and knew there was no way this ring was a 5.5. I brought it in, they sized it and to my surprised it measured to be a 5.5.

I was baffled and asked to try on the sizing rings. The 5.5 sizing ring fit me perfectly. Confused I asked the woman to measure the sizing ring on the same tool she measure my ring. Turns out the "5,5" sizing ring was actually a 4 and was mismarked!

My true size was a four. The woman told me she apologized for the troubles and their mistake and offered me the first time size fee, instead of full price!

They were going to make me pay for their mistake. I kindly declined

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