This is what I wrote to their customer service dept after my experience there!!!

I wanted to inform you that the customer service I have experienced in your store was by far a disappointment. I am a sales manager myself and never experienced customer service as bad as your Tanforan location in San Bruno. My friend and I went there on Tues. July 27 to purchase a ring her sister. Upon getting there we were not greeted by anyone, no one assisted us at all!! We waited for over 15-20min before I had to walk up to someone to get assistance. Then upon finally getting an associate and asking her if she could show us the ring her sister wanted she became very snappy and pushy. Not giving us a chance to look at the ring only focused on getting us to open an account. I do understand pushing sales and trying to make something happen with the customer, but in no way should you repeatedly nag a customer to open an account after she has told you no over five times. Then once my friend told her she wanted to pay in full the associates whole demeanor change and she tried to convince her that she needs to save her money and open an account. After this another associate comes out (who was not there to greet us or help us earlier) and then starts to ask me if I have an account and if I would like to open one and when I decline you can see her get an attitude and she then became even more aggressive with me and continued to ask until I had to give her a stern NO! I feel your company should know this because you did lose a sale that day because of two overly pushy, aggressive, and not well trained associates. I hope your company looks into a new training program or into hiring new associate that know how to control their attitude and know how to interact with customers in a manner that makes them want to come back again and not write a letter to customer service. I was not able to get their names, nor when I asked for a business card would they give me one. We were in that location at around 8pm that day and it was an Asian lady who finally came over to us first and then a Caucasian lady who had the attitude with me. I really hope you take this letter into consideration because I am sure me and my friend were not the only ones who were treated like this.

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It doesn't help you to post this message here. Try talking to someone corporate about your experience.

Maybe you can get somewhere.

I live in Pa. And have always had positive experiences at the Kay store there.


I HATE pushy sales people. Sounds like they are trained. My daughter worked at a mall and one of the jewelry stores located there was supposed to have a quota of so many signed up credit card customers a day.

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