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About 5 years ago, we purchased ornate matching wedding bands at Kays Jewelers in Eastpoint Mall, Baltimore Md. We were impressed with the intricate carvings although the matching bands were a little expensive. The sales person said that the bands were a bit pricy because of that intricasy. They were over $1400 for both. No diamonds just gold. The salesman insisted that we get the extended warranty. I said why? What can go wrong with a hunk of gold. Well, about a month ago I found out what can go wrong. The ornate carving on my band simply fell off in three rings. It was like they were glued on and popped off.

When I took the ring back to be repaired, the first thing out of the kays rep's mouth was abuse. Abuse?? We are both office workers. Not like the ring was dented or run over by a truck. They finally agreed to repair and said it would take about 2 weeks. After a month and notified of nothing, I called Kays. Both the store and Corporate office. Their response was the ring was not repairable and according to the extended warranty. Thus, if it can not be repaired they do not have to do anything. After some discussion, they offered to give a store credit for the damaged ring only at the cost we paid 5 years ago. I tried to explain several problems I had with their proposed offer.

1) First and most important, these were matching wedding bands. Since Kays say they are no longer made, what are we supposed to do buy new matching bands there? Or, wear different bands?

2) Why would anyone buy something from the same place that sold a product that fell apart?

3) Did they know about this problem with this band and maybe that is why they are no longer made?

4) A store credit is not the value of cash we gave them. A store credit is only to assure them you will purchase from Kays at a price that will benefit them and rip you off again.

5) The price of gold today will cost us much more in itself to replace these bands.

Kays refused to budge and say it is not their problem. So, now we must seek legal help from an attorney.

My recommendation to anyone who intends to purchase expensive keepsake jewelry, DO NOT GO TO KAYS JEWELERS! And, certainly do not consider an extended warranty. As I said earlier, the first thing they address when you have a problem is abuse and anything they can come up with that will void the warranty.

J. McClaskey

Baltimore, Md

Review about: Kay Jewelers Repair.

Monetary Loss: $1450.

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i also got a real bad experience with them. i cant believe such things happen in US market without any regulation.

what happened with me was different and i see its a complete fraud case. i bought a diamond earring for my mom and i thank god it wasn't a big one, i paid $400 for it, and im not a US resident, so when i went back home , mom used it, and that was almost 3 months later than purchase date.

first day she used it and had a shower, she took off the earring and we found the back of it made of metal, and not gold, so it went black and salted!!!i raised 100 complain with them, and they were so arrogant and refused to return it. after speaking to the supervisor she asked me to ship it back and after they check will decide to give me alternative!

i didn't ship it ofcourse because it doesn't deserve all the hassle. i even discovered that it was a pre-owned one and the sales agent didn't tell me anything about it.

guys its a trap those ppl are not honest and cheaters



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