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I bought a set of rings ($9898.00). I had the life time warranty on them.

Mind you they were bought from LeRoy's. I took them in twice a year, generally in June and December to be serviced and cleaned. I took them in December 2017 to the LeRoy's store at the Greenwood Mall in Bowling Green, KY. The sales person there, I did not get her name, serviced my rings and told me that I really should get them Rodium dipped so they would be white gold as the yellow was showing through.

I did this, they almost lost my band, it took them 3 weeks to get it back after the engagement ring came back. Then it was time to have them serviced this June. My son takes them down after we find out Kay's owned LeRoy's and had shut down the BG store. The manager there told him that my rings were damaged and that they had been for quite some time, I had never been told that, I was always told they looked good.

Then he proceeds to tell my son that the warranty is no good as I failed to have them serviced in December. I did have them serviced in December and now they want me to pay because they employee idiots and will not stand behind their mistakes. I have a print out he gave my son and it plainly shows where I was taking my rings twice a year and one year I even took them 3 times and then I went back 6/9/18 for my regular service and cleaning, but they will not stand behind anything. I talked to the manager Evan Kelly and he said that he would not pay for anything as I let my warranty run out because they had nothing showing that I brought it in, and he also tells my son that there is a reason they closed the LeRoy's store and let all of their employees go.

All I can say is beware if you buy anything from this company they will find some way to get out of what is their obligations. Even fire people to cover up what they know was wrong so that they don't have to be responsible, they knew that they were not doing their jobs properly but continue to leave the store open and let them go ahead and work there.

Mr. Kelly did tell my son that he could send them off and see what it would cost to fix them and I could pay for them to be repaired and then they would renew my warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kay Jewelers Ring Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: That they will not stand behind their employees errors.

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You need to go to another location. If you have proof of an inspection they cannot charge you.


go to a different location or call the customer service number.

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