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I purchased $8,999 Neil Lane ring a little over a year ago, purchase insurance time of purchase, I was insured by sales representative that it will protect my ring, as long as I get it inspected within every 6 months. I have all my documents of inspections for 2 to 3 months apart increments up until Kay switched to system documentation.

I was not happy about this change, for the fact that I know longer had proof of verification on my behalf. That alone caused me a lot of stress. Since my ring purchase Customer service went from Hero to Zero, but knowing how responsible I am. I believed by following store policies , my ring would be protected.

A few months ago my diamond carat solitaire fell out, and lost. After turning my house and work place apart, I immediately go to Kay, and was told that its been over 6 months since my last inspection according to their system. I patiently explained how that was not so. I Specifically had notated in my calendar each time I had it inspected!

I was still denied, I mentioned the young lady who last inspected it, details and all. Their reply was, " we see so many people, how can we possibly remember". I asked to speak to management, for she was the last to inspect it, and also pushed a smaller diamond that was loose, and bragged on how she was the only one in the department store who could do that. Needless to say, manager was out of town, and I was told that she would be informed, and hopefully she will remember me ??

The sales representative assured me that management would contact me. It's been almost two months, still haven't heard from her, and I've called and gone in several times. Still no manager, no return call, Nothing!! The stress has consumed me.

What do I do??

MY ring is paid off, I did everything right. Can someone please help me

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call thier customer service line. that will get it escalated

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