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On November 15, 2009 I placed a special order from your Flagstaff retail store in the Flagstaff mall for NFL jewelry for Christmas gifts. When I went to pick the order up it was wrong.

The salesperson, Heather, took responsibility and said she should have checked the order when it arrived. She told me this was the last day to place special orders to receive the items by Christmas so I reordered. She even said the order might arrive one day after Christmas but she would overnight the items to my home due to the fact that I live about 150 miles away. Christmas came and went and I did not receive my order nor did I receive a courtesy call from Heather.

I finally called her on Jan 16 or 17 to follow up and Heather told me they just arrived yesterday and she would get the items of in the mail. Well, I received the items Thursday, Jan 21 and they are the wrong items AGAIN! I called the Flagstaff store and asked for the manager and Heather told me she was the manager. I was surprised, if she's actually the store manager, she needs to go back through Customer Service 101.

I told her that I had received the special order and it was wrong again. And she said, "you're kidding me"? I can't believe this is how a store manager handles two special order mistakes.

I'm so upset at the lack of concern by Heather. I told her I will be mailing the jewelry that I received in error (again) to my daughter who lives in Flagstaff and she will be returning the items for a full refund.

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