Not resolved

I wish everyone of you would contact the following person:

Amanda Warner

Trade Practice Manager

BBB Complaint Department

Use this email address:

I have made a formal complaint and urge the rest of you to do the same. It may or may not give you the satisfaction you desire but it will serve to make Sterling aware of the things that are going on at Kay's.

This is so ridiculous that this company can continue to deal with the oublic in any such way. I think we should organize a real protest in front of one of the stores. No one wants bad publicity and that may be what it takes. Obviously, the internet is not working.


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Too much to even type!! Bought Bulova watch for $450--on my 5th time bring'n it back, still NOT fixed!! They are RUDE and I will NEVER buy anything else from there ever!!


Here's an idea for a protest... stop shopping there.

That's it. Unless you like diamonds that look like frozen spit for $99.

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