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I have taken my diamond engagement ring to kays where we bought it to get it sautered to my wedding bands a month before the wedding and my diamond came back a different color and now they are saying it's the quality of the diamond! Which is wierd because the diamond was clear before it ever went back so look out people who take their rings to Kays!!!

They are saying that there is nothing they can do about it now since it's past the 90 days since I recieved it!!! Im not ever going back there again!!! Who knows if they changed it out when they sent it off????

I've asked for policies and procedures for the rules of sautering the ring and they have none!! It's all the jewelers choice of whats best for your diamond isnt that a rip off!!!

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Godow, Slaskie, Poland #198513

you should have your diamond laser inscribed so you will know if your diamond has been swapped. keep all your paperwork in a safe and if there is tampering then your ready to go to battle.

always do your homework as far a jewelers go. kay jewelers is the ghetto of jewelery stores.

cheap and uncaring of their customers. good luck!!

Winterthur, Delaware, United States #104390

Possibly you diamond has been “Burnt” this happens when the Jeweler uses a torch to solder and it is not adjusted correctly. This will cause your diamond to have a amber color burnt onto the surface.

This is easily cleaned using acid, this has to be done by a jewelry. Try another one.


Hey mad woman

when you send your ring in for repairs kays always takes a picture of it before they send it off to the repair company so ask for a comparison of that pic and your ring today and if they are different then i would go to the man above the one you have been talking to. and if that don't work get a lawyer.

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