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I had received a Love's Embrace necklace with a silver chain for Christmas one year ago. Recently the chain on the necklace broke.

I had a full coverage lifetime warranty on the necklace, so I took it to the store to have it fixed and they told me that the link on the chain would be repaired and that it would be about three weeks before it would be finished. The store called me yesterday and told me that the necklace was fixed so I went to pick it up today. When I got to the store and the sales associate got my necklace, I looked at it, and the chain was black and looked like someone had welded it together. Instead of fixing the link in the necklace, they just solder the chain and it had a big lump in the place where it had broke.

I looked back at the associate and told her that that was not what I wanted done to my necklace and that I was not taking it home looking like that. She told me that she could send it back, but it would probably come back looking the same way, and I told her that that was unacceptable, and if that was the case then I would be expecting a new chain since mine would be ruined.

She then told me that if it was her that she would just buy and new chain and I told her that I was not going to buy a new chain because they had ruined mine, and that my warranty covered that. She proceeded to be rude and fill out my repair form and send it off.

Review about: Kay Jewelers Warranty.

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I do understand that the necklace had to be soldered together, but it was almost 6 links that were soldered together into a big lump and the chain was black. I just do not think that that is acceptable from a jewelry store of this stature.


I can understand if an item can not be repaired to what they were orignally. However.

If this outcome of the repair were a possibility the consumer should have been made aware of it so she could decide if she wanted to take the chance on the repair. Im sure this wasn't the first time the sales assoc. has had this with repairs. How would the assoc.

feel if this item belonged to them? Why should we spend money that is hard to come by these day's with a company that does'nt try to make the customer happy? Women will always tell others when they have had good customer service,but when they have been wronged by a company espically a jewlery store,the news will travel even faster!!! I WOULD'NT SETTLE FOR IT!!

You need to have a talk with the manager and if he does'nt some how make it right then you need to talk to his boss and so on until someone makes you happy!

Even if it's a good discount on another item but SOMETHING need's to be done! GOOD LUCK!


Many chains can not be repaired to what they looked like when they were made. The only way to repair certain chains is to solder them together. I'm sorry the salesperson was rude to you but getting a better chain that will not break so easily is usually a better way to go.

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