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I had taken a 15 inch pearl necklace into my local Kay Jewelers store as the string had broke and it needed to be restrung. The male clerk told me they would have to have it sent it for a quote.

The same clerk called me to give me the quote which was $80 some dollars. I knew it was not cheap getting pearls restrung, but this was only 15 inches and all the pearls are of same size. But this was a gift from my friend back home in Canada so I wanted it fixed. I agreed to the $80 some dollar quote, even though if you look online most places quote $2-3 per inch.

They sent me an email when the pearls were ready for pick up. I went to the store which is located in the Joliet, Illinois mall. The same male clerk told me it would be $220 or $240 some dollars. You can imagine my reaction!

I told him he quoted me $80 some dollars and would definitely not of had it done with a quote of $200 some dollars!! After having to argue with the clerk he went into the back to speak to his manager. He came back out with a drop in price to $123. I said once again that he quoted $80 some dollars.

He said he quoted the $200 and some dollars and .83 cents so it was the .83 that I heard. He also told me that they fixed the clasp. I said "The clasp?? I never told you to fix the clasp!

There was nothing wrong with the clasp"!! I'm quite sure they never fixed it and if I could tell they did replace it would get a quote on how much to replace the whole entire necklace and make them pay me as the original clasp was original!! I told him this was unacceptable and that I have been around the block a few times. He proceeded to head back to his managers office once more.

The manager came out and said $89 which of course is still a rip off for a 15 inch necklace. He asked if there was anything else he could do to make me happy. I said no. But the holiday season is upon us...and word of mouth travels fast.

I have sent in a complaint to the BBB, the Kay Jewelers website, and will be putting this on any and every social media site I can. There is scamming in a huge way going on at that store and someone needs to look into it!!

Review about: Kay Jewelers Necklace Repair.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Go to Joann’s and buy some cord or elastic. I finally did that.


Nothing about your complaint is "huge".

This is penny-ante nonsense from someone who failed to obtain a written estimate prior to authorizing a repair job.

Spare yourself the embarrassment of coming off like a pesky insect and rethink your social media vendetta.

P.S. anyone who patronizes retail jewelry shops is uninformed at best.

to Kemmler #1475754

This company is very shady. I should know I worked for them.

What she is saying is common.

I have been told to lie repeatedly. This company is under fire for alot of problems and trust me, they are all true.

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