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So my husband a $300 purchase for me with cash. I was not pleased madewith the items so I went to return.

At 3 pm they told me they could not do so it because there was not enough money in their cash register. So I waited until the end of the evening and they still did not have enough so I decided to get a necklace and $200 in cash back. When I get home I go to put the necklace on and the chain breaks before I can even get it around my neck so I decide to just go ahead and get my money back for that as well. It is Sunday afternoon 2 p.m.

and they can't even give me $100 cash back because once again they do not have that in the drawer. They offer me a check that I can take to my bank so I'm like okay I'll do that, inconvenient, Wtf but I'll go ahead and take the check but then he proceeds to tell me it will take 7 to 10 business days for it to arrive to me in the mail. This is so aggrivating that a so called top jeweler can not even hand me $100 in any immediate way. I am told having cash is a liability.

Well this old girl has finally paid her house off and her children have moved out and started their own lives in their own home and now I can finally spend money on myself but it won't be with Kay. I very much doubt I will purchase from KAY again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kay Jewelers Customer Care.

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