I purchased an Jane Alexander open heart necklace for $149.99 from Kay Jewelers at White Marsh Mall in Baltimore, MD. The oyster clasp was so small I had trouble getting it opened.

I went back to Kay and asked if I could have a larger clasp put on it and the sales person said it would cost more than the necklace to replace it. She Was very snobbish, acted like she could not be bothered with me. I will not purchase anything from Kay Jewelers again.

I will not recommend them to anyone again either.Customer service is terrible.

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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #791443

At $149 I'm sure it was silver...not gold. You can buy a thin silver chain at any department store for under $15


First of all the "Open Heart Collection" is by Jane SEYMOUR not Jane Alexander and clasp is called a LOBSTER clasp. Gold costs a lot of money so when you want to put a larger GOLD clasp on of course it is going to cost you extra. Even if you purchased the lifetime warranty it doesn't cover altering the piece from it's original form (it only covers repairs and sizing) so it will cost extra regardless.

to anonymous #763985

And how do YOU know it was gold?

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