I am very very very very dissatisfied with the quality of jewelry verses the price! I will never ever shop at that store again.

I found better quality at the jewelry department at Walmart and K-Mart stores! They know their jewelry is not worth the price and that is why they are soo quickly to give you a coupon to purchase another item or they use the coupon to take additional money off your account, providing you have a credit account with them!

They encourage you to buy before an event and hope you won't try to return it before the time run out to return it!!!!!!!

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Or below person...which ever made the walmart and kmart comment...


To the above person, not true! We DID shop around....and felt confident in our purchase with Kays...which wasn't cheap by far....and plus, even if it was, they should stand behind their products as a company!

I have had numerous problems with them! We purchased my ring at the end of December 2008 and by Feb my diamond had fallen out. I went into the store and received no attention or apology at all. Once repaired, I thought all would be well.

I was wrong. Not even 5 months later my diamond fell out again! This was only 2 weeks after having it "inspected." Once again, no apology...not only that, but I explained to them that I am to be married in October of 2009 and still needed to have my band sautered to my engagement ring. They "promised" me it would be back in 4-6 weeks.

Four weeks later, I called to check the status. The "manager" rudely informed me that it would be the very end of September. What?? I would be getting married without my ring!

They didn't even act like it was a big deal. Sure, not to them, but getting married without your ring? I called customer service and the offered to give me another ring for the same price. Who does that?

Obviously it has sentimental value...at least to me, obvisoulsy not them. I would never ever ever recommend kay jewelers even to my worst enemy!!!!!

Gratis, Ohio, United States #23323

walmart and kmart are jokes for jewelry. as for kays, its a standard huge jewelry company.

Why didn't you shop around? yes, they sell ***, but sell some dcent items as well. I work for a competitor. People that write these letters are the ones that should be slapped up.

they blame everyone but themselves. Always someone else that misled them. No one can ever admit they were trying to be cheap and didn't want to pay more for the better one! Wake up people , you have a choice.


Ever ask yourself what kind of markup is in a pair of nike shoes at footlocker????? Now there is a rip off!

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