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My wife took a watch to Kay Jewelers for a new battery. The employee broke the stem of the watch, but offered to repair it and return it to us. That would have been fine.

Now, weeks later Kay Jewelers is calling us and telling us that we have to pay for the repairs!

When I contact 'custamer service' they just send me automated responses.

Jewelery is a personal thing. I bought this watch with hard earned money, I spent a lot of time picking it out, and I gave it to my wife as a gift. It makes us really unhappy to have her gift treated this way.

I recommend you shop somewhere else. Maybe if enough people stay away from Kay, they'll notice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Kay Jewelers Repair.

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Ypsilanti, Michigan, United States #1273988

If you were told first you don't have to pay, and you signed off on it and you got your watch, you have nothing to worry about!

to Anonymous #1304859

You obviously don't get the way it works or understand what the author is saying...

The employee kept the watch for repairs, writing notes (or a ticket) as a "repair slip", because hello, he doesn't want to lose his job (by having his boss find out he broke a customers watch) so this is why "they" contact customer for payment (holding watch hostage, until payment is made).

It's the grimey world we live in!!!! Unfortunately..


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In December of 2009 My wife and I upgraded her engagement ring and wedding band to a white gold LEO setting, same style ring just white gold and LEO diamonds. After they credited us for the old bands, we still paid over $5,500.00 for the new set.

We had it sent out right away to be sized and when we received it back, they informed us one of the diamonds in the wedding band had been cracked and another diamond lost. They had us wait to send it back in for repairs until January of 2010, due to the Christmas season rush. When we sent it back in, we also asked to have engraving done on the inside of both bands. KAY told us, they were going to have a custom wedding band made to fit due to how small the band would have to be.

When we got the ring back, the engraving was again it was sent back. Over the next few months, the ring was taken in three times due to the large diamond being loose on the engagement band. It was said to have been tightened each time. In December of 2010, the large diamond on the engagement band fell out with the prongs attached and was lost.

We took the ring back into KAY and they wanted to know if the ring had been inspected in the last six months. I told them we just received it back from service in the last two months, they had no record of it being out for service. They agreed to replace the diamond and fix it at no cost. Today is April 5, 2011 and we just picked the ring up from KAY.

The bands were soldered to each other off-set and my wife cannot get them on, and the large LOOSE AGAIN. I spent over two hours on the phone with customer service and they offered to fix the ring.....AGAIN, and give us a gift card. They also offered to replace it with another ring. I also contacted the manager of the store we purchased it from and he said, " Aww thats too bad buddy, bring it in and I will send it back ut to get fixed"!

The customer service is terrible at best with this company, they don't care about customer satisfaction. One of the representatives (KATHLEEN), advised me(today April 5, 2011) that the order for the custom wedding band, back in December of 2009, was cancelled and they just swapped it with another band and sized it. We have owned this ring for 15 months and it has been in for repairs for 8 MONTHS total.

I am currently waiting on a call back from a supervisor from KAY, as well as my attorney. I would not reccommend this company to anyone purchasing jewerly.


I want to take them to small claims court.

In Feb 2008 purchased wedding ring. Before the ring was due for the 6 month inspection, a diamond fell out. The ring was sent in for warranty repairs but ultimately lost. The store issued a new ring (same exact ring out of the display case) because at that point it was the only thing they could do provided in their warranty agreement.

The ring was taken for inspections Feb 09, Aug 09 and Feb 2010. In June 2010 another diamond fell out. Took it in and they said it was covered under warranty or extended service plan and gave me a slip and sent it on its way. The following day, got a call and they asked me if I had a copy of the paper work because they ''thought it might have been mailed off without any documentation."

The next day, they called and said I had to pay for the repairs because there was no record in the computer for inspections. I told them that I have at least one hard copy of the inspection slip, which I had to beg for at the time, so obviously their information doesn't get put into the computer. The store associate told me ''inspection notes get lost all the time'' and another associate told me that this particular ring, which I did not see in their cases anymore, is going to lose a diamond every 1-2 years and a jeweler from a completely different store as well as their own store both told me that the design of the ring is basically bad and it's going to keep breaking. After the ring lost the diamond the first time, I stopped wearing it - only for special occasions when going out. I barely ever wore it. I did not wear it to bed or in the shower or while washing my hands or anything of that sort.

The ring was sold as a wedding ring and should be able to be worn as such without falling apart. It was NEVER mentioned that the design would fail and cause it to break constantly with even minimal usage. Now that we own the ring and are dealing with this issue, they freely admit it's going to keep breaking. Also, they have no records in their system even showing they had to give us a new ring.

They have proven time and time again that their record system is not accurate and that they sold an essentially defective product and will not stand behind it. We even stated that if they went ahead and repaired it this time under warranty, as it should be under warranty since we fulfilled our end of the agreement by having it inspected, that we would be more than willing to upgrade the ring (having to spend double the purchase price) in order to have a ring that will truly last.

A wedding ring is meant to last forever and we feel this is a sham. Can we sue them in small claims court for the cost of the ring? What can we do because this is not right and we have tried rationalizing with them many many times.


Kay Jeweler lost my wedding ring, I don't know what to do or ask for... I'm just completely heartbroken and just want my original set that I've been wearing for over 3 1/2 years =( They said they would replace it with equal value, but the style changed and I will know that it's not the ring that he proposed with everytime I look at it.

The customer service isn't great either, they don't care and it shows.


A jewelery repair shop has lost a ring my Dad gave me when I was 11 years old.I am now 54. It has only come off my finger in all these years to be cleaned or have the prongs repaired, and this is what I brought it in to have done.

This ring has always been sentimental to me as you can only imagine.I informed them a few times how much this ring meant to me and how nervous I was about leaving it and I was assured it was in good hands, not to worry about anything. My dad recently passed away and I am beyond heartbroken. I was told by the store owner that he would make of it. I completely broke down in the store when I was told and have been having panic attacks since.

There is no way to put a price on it. I seen a ring in their cabinet that looked very much like my own stone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

If its forever lost I will be forever heartbroken.As I write this tears are running down my face. Please tell me what may be done.


To the above person seeking legal action...please let me know if you get anywhere on that b/c I am right there with you! I personally want to sue Kay Jewelers myself!

I have had numerous problems with them too! We purchased my ring at the end of December 2008 and by Feb of 2009 my diamond had fallen out. I went into the store and received no attention or apology at all. They brused me off like I didn't even matter at all.

But, I went ahead and sent my ring to be repaired....what other choice do you have? Once repaired, I thought all would be well. I was wrong. Not even 5 months later my diamond fell out again!

This was only 2 weeks after having it "inspected." Once again, no apology or even empathy for my problems...not only that, but I explained to them that I was to be married in October 2009 and still needed to have my band sautered to my engagement ring. They "promised" me it would be back in 4-6 weeks. Four weeks later, I called to check the status. The "manager" VERY rudely informed me that it would be the very end of September before my ring would be done.

What?? I will be getting married without my ring! They didn't even act like it was a big deal. Sure, not to them, but getting married without your ring?

I called customer service and they offered to give me another ring for the same price. Who does that???

Obviously it has sentimental least to me, obvisoulsy not them. I would never ever ever recommend kay jewelers even to my worst enemy!!!!!


My husband bough my engagment ring at Kay's in Nov. of 06.

Since then one of the diamonds (it has 12) has fallen out 4 times. The manager of the store had told me the if it would happen again she would replace the ring w/ a new one- but low and behold when it did, she had no recollection of that and went on to say they don't do that and laughed in my face. This would have been fine- beings it's he said she said i can understand---- HOWEVER then she looked in the record and said it only shows this has happened 1 time. She basically called me a liar and said the only other info in the computer was that my ring was resized to a 7...

that's funny... the ring was a 6 1/4 when i got it... and i wear a 5 1/2.... so why would i make it a 7.

She took my ring for repair and then tried to tell me i would have to pay for the repairs done, due to the fact i missed my last inspection-- i showed her my paper work showing i was indeed there and she made it free repairs again... but i still can't do anything about the diamond that keeps coming out.

Kays is very unprofessional and dishonest.. I am no longer going to buy anything from them!!!!


My Engagement ring get RUINED by Kays. I brought it in because one prong was chipped on top(very simply repair right?) well it came back looking like a different ring.

in fact it looked like it came out of a gum ball machine! The prongs were all out of wack. It also had gold accents on the sides which who ever repaired it totally BUFFED OUT! i was told that when you send something out for repair and its white gold they dip the piece and buff it.

I sent the ring back 7, yes 7 times and each time they did something different to screw it up. 1 time they put a matt finish on the band...WHAT....WHY!!! the 6th time it came back i noticed a crack in the side of the out it went again. the 7th time they replace the entire came back looking like a mens band.

it was ugly and unconfortable. I tried wearing it for 2 days and the same prong completly broke off!!!! We are still fighting withe the DM (who by the way is impossible to get a hold of). I am really beside myself and don't know what to do...


jeremy from the above post, you can definitly use my story!


I don't know what happened to my comment...

I was saying that on 10/15 they said they'd give me a new ring. Why 10/15? What is the point of that day? Is it National Give People Back Their Belongings Day? Makes no sense. That's two more weeks on top of the already over six I've waited. Besides this is the repair for the warranty we paid for. They act like they are doing me a favor.

DO NOT GO TO KAY!! At the very least, just pay someone out of pocket to do repairs on site somewhere.

DO NOT TRUST THEM. ANYONE who would turn such sentimental items into this mess is a sick group of people.

I want to know where to get diamonds tested. i do not trust that I will get the same quality (or even real) diamonds I had to begin with.

August 19th I took my wedding ring because a diamond fell out. It was purchased in Feb 08. Less than six months old... so I take it in and all the two ladies working there could do was hit me up for another store credit account. Let's see, my the heck? WHY 10/15, what is the signifigance in that day? Oh I know, let's make me wait 2 MORE weeks to see if it shows up if not, then I'll get a new one.

You know what? I don't want a new one. I want MY ring that I entrusted to your company. Hmm I 'm pretty sure that "losing" something over $500 is called GRAND THEFT. Try me, Kay. I will not stop until you stop doing this to people.

I called corp customer service and got nowhere but I told them I want something done by Friday or I want a refund. NEVER AGAIN.

Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States #17576

I made the mistake of getting a custom wedding set there that lost a stone in the first week of wear, and wasn't made correctly and has taken over six months to get corrected, still no rings, I contacted a lawyer!

Cypress, Texas, United States #16349

My son purchased a necklase for me, Journey pendant in yellow gold. It came on an 18" chain. I needed it in white gold for his wedding and the chain is too short. I went in to "Kays" and they were willing to exchange the necklace for the exact same thing in white gold but would not let me switch out the chain for a longer one, even though I wanted to pay for the difference. They claimed that "ALL their necklaces come on an 18" chain and that's all there is to it. If you want a longer chain, you have to purhcase it seperately!" This is the most rediculous answer I have ever heard in my life. There is no way that ALL pendents, lockets, diamond teardrops, etc. all come on the same exact chain. Furthermore, this store also lost a terrific sale when they treated me this way. Not only did I expect to pay for a longer chain, I also wanted to purchase white gold earrings for my son's wedding.

I also told my son and future daughter in law about the way I was treated and they were planning to purchase their wedding rings at Kay! Not any more....Frankly, I really want to meet my son at the Eatontown, NJ mall where the gift was purchased and get a full credit on his account...we can then purchase the Journey pendant elsewhere and get the chain in the length we want, not what Kay thinks it should be.

I have checked with many other jewelers right in that mall and every one of them said the same thing...."what a terrible way to treat your customers". My sentiments exactly! No wonder you have so many unhappy customers and so many comments here. I would have preferred to be kissed first!

Chester, Vermont, United States #16278

The worst part about the repairs with Kays is that they usually use Jared’s to do their repairs. I managed a location where the "Repair shop" (Jared’s) was in the parking lot.

They made us fed ex it to them. I lost 3 shipments of repairs that way. I begged them to just let us drive the repairs over their. Nope they would rather us call 20 or more customers and tell them their mementoes are lost in fed ex somewhere.

I have worked in jewelry for 30 years and have always used personal curriers. And was proud to say I never lost a repair. When I worked for Kays my store alone lost 3 shipments.

(Others had lost more) They are the only company I know that takes such a risk with their clients’ merchandise. I have work for small and large jewelry stores but they really work it as a numbers game when it come to lost or damaged repairs.

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, United States #11651

I would like to invite anyone and everyone who has taken a piece of jewelery to kay (belden etc...) for repairs and everytime you get it back it is damaged. Worst of they than tell you its a bad piece and offer a replacement.

This is ok i guess but when its the ring you propesed to your wife with its a little less OK. Any way I have never received a piece of jewelery back from the repair shop with out a problem and I have now had it. What are you supposed to do when you buy a warranty and have no choice but to pay for services at a private jeweler or take it back for thie *** shop to work on it. I am looking to pursue damages legally and would like to have other peoples stories, only if you are willing to have me share the information with Kay, store location etc, obviously no personal information would be needed.

I would like to stick it to Sterling Jewelery company, for destroying my wifes wedding ring and her engagement ring.

I chose the email me comments option so I guess if you post it will be emailed to me. Thanks

White Stone, Virginia, United States #10785

I have worked for this company and IT IS NOT GOOD. Thier products are cheaply made, they have little to no training for the associates, and most of the goldsmiths do a terrible job of repairing broken peices. Even when I worked there I never reccomend this company to my friends or family.

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