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Not only have I had problems with multiple diamonds falling out of my ring, they canceled my credit card without notifying me. I wanted to keep the line of credit open to help build my credit history.

I have had the credit card since 2012, and they decided to cancel it last month. Without contacting me first!!! If they would have sent a letter or called, I could have told them I wanted to keep it open and could have bought a small thing. Now my credit age on my credit report is shortened and my credit score went down.

Very unhappy. I did call, and she said since I haven't used it in 60-90 days they canceled it. I haven't used it since 2015 but all of a sudden they want to cancel it.

I would never recommend Kay's to anyone, for anything. If I didn't already pay for the insurance plan I wouldn't step foot back in another Kay's again.

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Uhmmmmmmmmm.. They aren't in the credit building business.

They're in the collecting interest off the use of the credit card. That's it. You have to use it and probably often depending on who the bank is. If you by chance happen to temporarily improve your credit playing utilization games as you did, awesome.

You can not camp out on a credit card and not use it. They only have so much credit to spread around. IF you're not using it, they'll slash your limit or cut it all together and send it to someone who will make them money. BTW, this will eventually happen to any other credit card you're counting on to raise your score.

Best option is to go through your credit and look for errors. Utilization games are like a bubble, they will pop soon.

Oh and by the way, no credit card company has to let you know they're shutting you off. Google up 6 reasons my credit card was closed..

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