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To whom this may concern , I'm currently having a serious problem with the Kay Jeweler Store # 4759. On 3/10/18 I put a Layaway down on a wedding band for my Husband , in the amount of $100.00.

I inquired about the terms for the layaway before placing the 100.00. My main concern before making the decision, was in the event I was not able to afford the purchase of the ring , could I receive my Layaway back. The Store Manager Rafael said it would be no problem. So at that point the layaway was established.

On 3/22/18, I was in a very bad position with money. I ran short of being able to provide food for my household due to me being on a monthly fixed income ,which is S.S.D , I have a mental Disorder of General Anxiety Disorder. I provided the Store Manager my Receipt. I explained my situation to a certain extent.

I didn't want to get to personal due to me being in the store. Now , I wanted the ring and was willing to put the Layaway back in effect when my check was deposited S.S.D. At that moment Rafael stated i could not have my cash layaway . Rafael made a phone call , while I was discussing the misunderstanding of the layaway.

The Store Manager told me I could not be returned my cash layaway because he can not be under 200.00 . Now I must admit that was harsh to hear , and knowing I wasn't told that at the time the layaway jad yaken place on 3/10/18. Now I was hurt by this , humiliated, embarrass to be in this , no remorse, I felt pressured to except this policy which was made up entirely. I was admit with my communication towards the store manager and store employee.

They gave me a number to call. The 1st call I was hung up on after explaining , and the second call with the two others, they showed me no remorse. I looked up the policy and read it to them. I stated that the explanation Kay Employer's was given me was not in black and white as per their actual policy.

I saw that this had happened before . I proceeded to belittle myself and beg. I felt as though the same was being pushed on me by me having to wait 2 weeks for refund when I placed a cash layaway in the amount of 100.00. The gentleman on the phone said he dosent know why the policy reads what I was saying.

But I still would have to wait 2 weeks for refund. The policy also states I could go to participating Kay Jewelers. I ask if he could call Dover ?? Je stated Yes.Instead the gentleman placed me on hold calling the store in question .

He came back to the line saying I can't have my money. I begged that this should've been in the store policy manual. I need the cash I put down towards the cost of the ring. To make a long story short, I signed NOTHING in regards to my money , I left from I'm front of the store without the merchandise in question , and I'm out of 100.00 and I can't feed my family.

My account was overdrawn by Amazon . I was screwd. My life is not going good . I'm being checked for cancer of the breast and ways to provide for my family has me at a stand still.

I don't want trouble , I just would like my Layaway as per store policy , which doesn't discuss the store not being able to be left with less then 200.00 . They start out with 200.00 . There was no cash purchases as of yet. And mailing me a check that would take 7 days was not included till today.

I left with feeling degraded , worthless ,depressed , upset by people not being Pacific in their store policy , no ways of getting cash and my health is going left. What am I to do. This company can not make layaway according to the stores take in cash purchases. This was not in black and white.

I am furious in a worthless way. Kay Jewelers had degraded me and my situation. All I want is the cash I put down . I have never been through this.

If you have your receipt you can get cash back ...Here is Kay Jewelers Policy on this matter below : Also my layaway re receipt below: Here is my actual receipt below : All I want is to be happy this is so bad . Neither of these receipts discuss a mailed 7 days check . Most people take their layaway off because they need the money . Help me .

They made feel less then . They were making fun of my needing my funds , which hurt I can't help the way my life has turned out.

Help. They want to try and pressure me to end up somehow with the ring in question .y.c.Holis

Product or Service Mentioned: Kay Jewelers Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Kay only carries a certain amount of cash in their registers any mony over the amount they are supposed ro carry is taken to the bank each night so the only way they can return cash back to the customer is if they RECIEVE cash. So if a customer comes in demanding a cash return and that store hasnt taken in any cash that day like payments or sales they cannot refund the amont because it will short the register.. the only options you have is to either take a check from home office OR call back later on in the day and see if they have taken in any cash


The ring was $100 & put on layaway. Why would they give you $100 back if you hadn't even paid that much as it was on layaway??

Sounds like you make very poor financial decisions with the money you're getting free from taxpayers. The ring was more important than feeding your family???

What a terrible parent you are!!! Shame in you!


It's NOT a "Made up" policy. It's all stated in the layaway paperwork you received!


You know what my main concern is?? The fact that you put a $100 dollar ring on LAYAWAY!!!

I can't believe they let you do that for something so cheap. Like a darn Kmart. LOL! And how are you on SSD for anxiety??

That is RIDICULOUS! Who the heck doesn't have anxiety these days??? But guess what?? We still have to W-O-R-K with our anxiety.

Leave the SSD for actual disabled people who NEED it to survive & get a job! Good grief!


Kay jewelry is the worst store,

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