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It all started a few years ago when I went to Kay for an engagment/wedding ring. I told the sales person I was in the military and about to leave for Japan for 3 yrs.

They sold me a ring for around 2000$ and I paid for the extra protection. I got married and went to Japan. When I came home on leave I took the ring to a Kay to have it cleaned and inspected. They told me the large diamond was cracked, then refused to replace the diamond because I didn't take it to a Kay "a fact I brought up when I bought the ring was that I would be in Japan and they don't have a Kay there." The sales person told me it would be fine to have it looked at any jewelry store, I did and now they won't cover it.

Funny thing was I went in again the other day just to have the ring cleaned again and they didnt notice the crack till I told them. Then they had the audacity to try to sell my wife a replacement, needless to say the little twerp behind the counter won't be forgetting me anytime soon. Seems like their staff is getting trained to screw people over.

If anyone from Kay reads this and wants to respond my email is As of now I tell everyone about it and wouldn't recomend Kay to anyone.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Same situation. Different outcome...It’s not about military or non-military.

When I brought the ring I was advised that any second hand service would void the Kay contract.

I was told with a nod that if I got it serviced anywhere else for any reason to simply just not mention it when I come back in. Happy wife happy life


I'm a reporter currently writing a story about some of the issues discussed here. Please email me at if you'd like to talk about your experience with Kay Jewelers.


Just came upon your post. Sterling Jewelers hates the military, just look at how they have treated my combat veteran wife. I have outlined the whole ordeal and a call to action at veteraninjustice dot org.


I am having the same issue! Never buy from Kay.

My fiancée jut gave me the ring 1 month ago but bout it 8 months ago so they said because it wasn't checked at 6 months they won't replace the chipped diamond! We explained to them it was in a box at 6 months!!! The company said they would sell us a new diamond at half the price. We take it in and o this is the other surprise, the diamond that's in the setting, the chipped one, we can't have it back because it "isn't their policy".

I sent a letter to Kay, sterling jewelers (Kay's parent), and the signet group (sterlings parent), I yeah and the BBB. I am currently waiting for a response and told them I will take them to small claims court for my diamond.

O yeah, the white gold is tarnishing already! For a ring that's suppose to last forever it sure is falling apart quick.


I just moved to Japan and have a brand new ring. The sales lady said that I could have it checked in Japan because there are stores there.


Frustrating. You're right there is no such thing as a JBR OR Kay store in Japan.


Mitary supporter,

If you read what I wrote then you would see that I told the sales person I was LEAVING THE COUNTRY for 3 years... although I'm sure it happens to other people I put this out there for other military members who will be stationed overseas and to answer your question yes I did look at the diamond when I bought the ring and it was crack-free.

The crack is now visible with the naked eye.

Although I agree that Kay didn't intentionally target me because I'm military, they did sell me something knowing I could not benefit from it. They also LIED to my face and told me I could have it inspected at any other jeweler.

South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #227559

I support the military and all of it's service members. I am married to a man in the service so I know how it goes sometimes. The only issue I have with this complaint is that this happens to everyone. This didn't just happen because you are in the military. Did you inspect the diamond under a scope before you bought it? Diamonds have flaws. Unless your spending thousands of dollars on a completely flawless/colorless diamond then you will more than likely find flaws in your diamond. The crack could have been there when you bought it & if you didn't inspect it then you wouldn't have ever noticed it to begin with.

I'm not trying to defend Kays because I've had issues with them as well (I'm on my 3rd replacement ring from them) but After dealing with all this *** from them I've learned a thing or two.

I also think you brought up being in the military for attention. Like I said this happens to everyone. It doesn't mean it happened to you because you are military.

Sorry for your trouble though.


I can believe it, and I believe you. I will not shop there.

Charles Roy

PO Box 25

Ventress, LA


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