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Paid $5600 for a wedding band for my wife of 16 years, just wanted to replace the one that had been stolen.

Went for a appraisal after insurance company told us they needed a updated appraisal for coverage. They will no longer insurer her ring just on receipt.

Turns out the diamond, thats a 1/2 carrot, is not worth $275.00...

Wow, why do big companies fleece the public.

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something sounds extremly fishy here. where did you get an appriasail?

was it a pawn shop or a jeweler that has a we buy gold and diamonds sign? if so its a conflict of intrests, aprriasals should only be done by certified appraisers and generally that should be thier only business.

or the jewelery store shol dbe sending it to a seperate lab like the IGI for a real appraisail. i think the guy you got the estimate from is trying to scam you man

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