Kays had my ring for polishing for 2 weeks. got it back for 1 week and .25ct of my 1ct center fell out-clerk said it was a prong inside the ring that was bent...

my wedding is in 4 weeks. They said they couldnt get it to home office in enough time to have it by my wedding.

45 minutes later the manager called and said they are replacing the whole ring valued at 3200, where is the sentimentail value in that? my ring means so much to me because my fiance took the time to choose THAT one....all i can say is that this new ring better not have improfections as my other one was nice.

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They gave you a BRAND NEW ring.... I would have been so overjoyed that I got a brand new shiny ring for my wedding.


That is terrible! I actually have the same exact ring (which my fiance also purchased from Kays) and i absolutely love it!

I would be devastated if i was told i had to get something else. Thats aweful that this happened to u. They should have put some fricken effort into it and call other stores to at least find u a duplicate of the ring your fiance picked out for you.

Im sure they would have been able to find one at one of there millions of stores. Lazy a**holes.

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