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My husband purchased an engagement ring from KAYS 6 yrs ago. We actually bought a 6,ooo.oo mounting and a 2,ooo.oo Leo diamond to put in it as the centerpiece stone. I sent it to them to have it sized up 1 size.

1st pickup- Nothing was done to it... gone 2 weeks ,not sized at all.

2nd pickup- Ring was sized DOWN... gone for 2 weeks... I called BEFORE I went to pick up, expl'd to rep what had happened previously and asked that she check the size while I'm on the phone. She puts me on hold, comes back and says, "Yes, it's great!" I drive there..it's smaller than before!

3rd pickup-First promise date comes and goes. No call from them. I wait 2 more days and call. I'm put on hold for 11 min.'s..I hang up and call back. No answer after 8 calls!! I call the next day. They say it will be another 3 days. They call and tell me the ring has been sized and rhodium plated and is ready for pickup.

When I get there, the rep hands me the ring and I immediately notice that it's EXTREMELY light weight! I tell the girl, she says that gold was added and not taken away...LIES. Then I tell her that I need to check my diamond inscription number. So she reads it off, I tell her to allow me to look. When I take the ring back, I turn it over and look at the gallery under the diamonds...THE ENTIRE GALLERY IS MELTED!! To oblivion! And the LEO diamond prong setting has been crushed and pinched at the bottom with what looks like a pair of needle nose pliers! The "sizing" is big and the band is no longer round, but some weird hexagon shape that is a different gold thickness on every side and angle. You don't even NEED to measure the imperfections, they are visible to the naked eye!

My ring is absolutely DESTROYED! I am devastated. And the rep is standing there acting like this piece of trash is acceptable. Still saying it looks "ok".

A woman comes over because I look as if I might cry at any moment, and identifies herself as the store manager. Says that she will replace the mounting ring with a new one and add my Leo diamond to it. She will send to the the company that does their inscriptions, instead of the jeweler who's handled it thus far, and it will take another 2 weeks.

I will be emailing the regional manager and who ever else that will listen. I will come back to the site to report the end resolution.

I have ZERO faith that they will handle this any differently than how they have done so up till now.

This ring has a huge sentimental value. That's now destroyed. No matter what they do, they can never replace THAT ring. I am heartbroken.

What will they do to repair that?

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My husband bought my engagement ring from Kay's in Murfreesboro, TN. I lost weight and needed to have it resized.

They sent it off and I called after 2 weeks and my ring wasn't back. After a month I go to the store to check on my ring in person. The person working said they couldn't find my ring but went in the back and after 30 mins came back and said they found my ring.

I'm sorry the ring they brought out was not my ORIGINAL ring and I was heartbroken to learn they actually lost my real ring and tried to just pass this off as my real one. =(

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That's horrible. You need to pursue this.

Sue them! Be sure to gather all your evidence (notes you kept, and photos). Take them to small claims court.

Thank you for your review. I will be sure to never ever shop at Kay's.

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