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For nearly 29 years we have been complying with Kay warranty program with timely inspections and numerous repairs and stone replacement. I purchased a Diamond wedding ring with a ruby and diamond wrap for her and all these years she has been diligent and compliant.

This week she take the ring to the same Kay Jewelers in Virginia where it was purchased and serviced all these years and here we go with the drama. On so many previous occations, at the same location, we have had to wait until the clerk confirms the authenticity of our warranty even though we have years and years of records with us showing the inspections and subsequent repairs completed. Over and over again they run us thru the same routine and fortunate for us we bring a big stack of documentation showing full compliance and record of repairs. Well this last time they would not do the metal work necessary to tighten the stones as they have been doing for almost 20 years claiming we didn't have an original receipt indicating the warranty purchased at the time the rings were purchased.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME AFTER ALL THESE YEARS AND DOCUMENTATION! This can only be a store wide scam in order to dishearten the old customer who is diligent and perhaps out living the warranty in Kay's opinion. I spoke with the clerk and asked for some common sense to prevail in the absence of her specific demand. I was told that if we could not prove with a receipt that our warranty covered the metal work necessary to keep the stones in place that they would have to charge us.

IF we did not agree and left the store the warranty for the stones would be voided. That about says it all and the purpose for the routine harassing one can experience even with 20 years worth of records totally over 40 visits and many many repairs and stone replacements in those 20 years. All of a sudden we simply do not qualify because the main office can not find the original documents. But guess what I found today,,,yep the original purchase documents that have mentioned on it both ESP and EPP plans I have no idea the difference in the two but someone will have egg on their face.

We still expect to have to go through this drill again and again seems they don't keep good enough records over 20 years to give some common sense consideration when we come thru the door in 6 months for reinspection. Memory Loss

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It's only fair to report the results of our situation with Kay Jewelers. I was very lucky to have found my original documents that were locked away for safe keeping in one of those magical places I would surely never see them again. With these documents it was then easy for Kay to locate my file in their records. If it were not for those original receipts we would have been SOL. Now with updated records future warranty work should go smoothly.



Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #732232

Back in July 2013, I took my birthstone to Kay's to be repaired because my stone fallen out. The other stones on the ring was amethyst (which is violet or purple) as well as the stone that had fallen out.

Of course the ring had to be sent away to be repaired. When the ring came back, the ring had PINK stones on it. I told them that someone had put the wrong stones on the ring. I had that ring for over three (3) years and I know what my ring look like.

They are still giving me the run around. BUT GOD KNOWS WHAT THE COMPANY IS DOING.

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