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I have truly never received such awful customer service. I will never be returning to this store.

The employee Diane who so rudely gave me attitude from the moment I walked in does not deserve a job, especially not in customer service. Let me start off by saying we have always received nasty employees at this store. I’m not sure if it is because we look young (22 and 24) or if we look like we’re not rich (which believe me we spent a great amount of money on our rings). Nevertheless, I went to pick up my wedding ring which was being soddered to my engagement ring.

She could not initially find the ring and told me it wasn’t ready even though we had just received a call that it was. Come to find out they had filed the paperwork under the wrong letter. She didn’t even crack a smile at me until she saw my ring and realized we had spent good money. She lets me try on the ring and makes sure it fits.

Then she proceeds to tell me (while I have the ring on) that I can’t take it because I don’t have the yellow slip with me and my name isn’t on the paperwork. Now mind you, my name was on the initial engagement ring paperwork because it is MY ring. It was their fault for not transferring my name to this new receipt. So I drove a half hour to this store to be told no matter how much information I could provide about the ring and my husband, I couldn’t take it.

My husband called, it took him 5 times to finally get them to answer without hanging up on him. She rudely answered the phone and cut him off telling him there’s no way to make an exception. Now as a woman that has worked multiple customer service jobs, I understand that rules are rules. It is the fact that this employee Diane was so incredibly rude and off-putting, from start to finish.

She kept telling me it was for my “safety” and told the same thing to my husband. How could it possibly be for his safety if he’s asking her to give it to me?? Not to mention I drove a half hour to this store, only to drive a half hour back home, and a half hour back to the store.

I will repeat it again, we will NEVER be back, certainly not to this store and maybe not to Kay’s. GO ELSEWHERE!!!

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while rudeness is unacceptable and always will be i can undertsnad that they have to protect themselves and thier customers, if your name wasn't on the ticket/slip/yellow it makes sense to me that they could't release it to you

to Anonymous #1550441

As previously stated, I am well aware that rules need to be followed. However, as also previously stated, she admitted they should have put my name on the second paperwork and so they were at fault.

to Anonymous #1562161

I agree, she should have added your name to the account but quite honestly, you should still consider yourself lucky that she was a rule follower. Imagine if a "friend" decided to pick your ring up instead of you?

You may have never seen it again. Be happy and thankful that you have your beautiful ring and the rest of your life to spend with your dear husband.

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