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If you contact the CEO of Sterling, Mark Light (mlight at jewels.com), (owner of Kay's and Jareds) about a problem he will not only ignore you but will also sick his attorney on you and threaten to have you thrown in jail.

His attorney, Stephen Zashin says, "...do not direct communications to Mr. Light. Mr. Light has been advised not to communicate with you. Also, do not direct any communication to any other Sterling executive. If you continue to do so, Sterling may seek to prosecute you under O.R.C. Section 2917.21(A)(5)."

Takes a real man to let others fight his battle for him.

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Lexington, Kentucky, United States #1204958

On our first visit to the store in March 2014, we put a center diamond on hold.We picked up the diamond after 2 and 1/2 weeks in April.

When asked for the return policy, we were told: "30 days of wearing the diamond”. We wanted to return the diamond after 2 weeks of wearing, however, the store refused the return, because the reservation period also counts toward the 30 days. In the end, the store agreed to do an equal exchange and told us that they will call us when they get some diamonds of the same size and quality in. However, the store did not follow up with us nor get diamonds in as promised.

When we contacted the store, we were told that they have not yet gotten the diamonds in.

We customized a ring setting shortly after purchasing the center diamond. We paid for the custom in April 2014 and had the wax made. Due to the promised diamond exchange, the sales presentative told us to delay on making the custom until we finish the diamond exchange. The store let us use a setting and said we can return the setting when our custom is ready.

The store received our payment for the custom, but did not once follow up with us to finish the custom and supplying us the product we paid for. We finally ordered the custom to be made in August 2015. Jared charged us an additional $1,165 due to "price increase of diamond and gold" over the last year. This is very unreasonable since we paid for the custom in full already and were already in the process...

We were also informed that if we cancel the custom, we would have to pay $700 for the wax that was made.We were unaware of this.

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Milton, Florida, United States #1189558

Please never take your jewelry to Kay's for repair.They are practicing EXTREMELY unethical and preditorial practices towards seniors.

An example would be dropping off my mother's ring for repair, small diamond missing and one prong need reinforced to the tune of $170...then a couple days later, the warehouse called and now there are 10 prongs needing reinforcement and another diamond replaced. She had to pay an additional $155, so in essence they are holding my poor mother's ring hostage for ransom.

She has dementia and cries frequently because she doesn't know where her rings are.This company should be ashamed of their deceitful practices and this needs to stop!!!


That's a shame I thought he would help me guess I need to get an attorney. Kays of West Hartford Jewelry repair person must have personal issues to not see he SCREWED up a 20 year old ring set . ISSUE STILL NOT RESOLVED .

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1016983

Unfortunately, I had a very bad experience at this location.I've never reviewed any business, good or bad, but there is a first time for everything.

I took in a Burberry watch (a pretty good watch, not a Rolex of course, but not a cheap Timex either) for a battery replacement. The gentleman who helped me was courteous and helpful. He and a younger associate took turns with the watch but ultimately came back to me and said they tried two different batteries but the watch still did not work. They said there would be no charge since it didn't get fixed.

Fair enough. I can appreciate that.

The next day, today, I took it to a dedicated watch shop in Kensington, MD to ask what they thought was wrong with it. They opened the watch up and said, "Oh, your battery is just in upside down!" I was rather happy because I thought that would save me $80 bucks or more that I thought I would have to spend on an overhaul.

As he looked closer though, he noticed that the lower contact was broken off, the piece that holds the battery in place was bent and a small plastic insulator film was missing. Unfortunately, due to the contact being broken off, some of the internal components would need to be replaced which would run about $125. So, obviously upset, I went immediately back to the Kay Jewelers in Laurel to alert them to the damage. Needless to say, I was given the run around of "Well, how do we know it wasn't broken when it came in" and "we replace many...

Taking these statements one at a time:


Well, you can't know that it wasn't broken when I came in. The battery was dead so it wasn't working anyway. However, I know that MY watch was working until the battery stopped. Then I brought it in, and here we are.

I understand it doesn't mean anything to Kay Jewelers that I've never before reviewed anything, but the fact that I am willing to now will hopefully keep someone else from going there to have a watch battery replaced and end up in the same situation. That I am willing to now put my name on a review on the internet alerting people to this incident is all I can do to show this is not some two-bit watch repair scam.

2. Yes, I am sure that many watch battery replacements go off around the world without a hitch every day.

However, accidents do happen and mistakes are made, so track records don't preclude you from accidentally breaking someone else's property. Just own up to it and make it right.

3. So, after having my watch broken by Kay Jewelers, I am going to have to pay Kay Jewelers to fix my watch?

That doesn't sound like a good plan. I told the manager that I would pay the $15 dollars that the initial battery replacement would have cost (which, by the way, should really only cost about $5-10 depending on if you have a coupon at an actual watch shop. Unfortunately, I found this out too late.) I came into Kay Jewelers thinking I would pay $15 for the battery and frankly, even offering to pay that amount for the repair was not my responsibility. I hate that I have had to write this.

It could have been handled better and I would have gladly put a better review. But alas, it was not.

The bottom line is, Kay Jewelers broke my watch, refused to fix it and I have zero recourse but to write this review.Hopefully it will help others make a better decision in the future.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #996442

That's makes me ill to hear as a customer almost monthly.As a business owner myself I would never tolerate any *** wind such as that from any mouth high in rank or low.

I have to say it's a silver spoon person who takes these points as moot. And threats can also come back with attorneys from the common person.

His arrogance will one day run him down and what goes around sadly comes back to do the damage one has done and attorney cannot help then.Universe gives what you give it.

Bellevue, Nebraska, United States #947756

I've met him,public relations is not his responsibility. He has a very pacific job within the company,if you had a complaint you should probably give it to the district manager.

to Highsite Cleveland, Ohio, United States #971738

I always thought his job was Atlantic


This marks and Morgan is very ugly.Employees yelling one.

With the costumer standing right there.So much more help


I am sorry to hear that a company's CEO or Owner doesn't have the time to hear from it's customers. I hope many consumers see this and don't do business with a company who could care less about it's customer base.

to TL Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, United States #1101320

Nice post

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