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I purchased a bridal set at the Kay jeweler's @ North Gate Mall in Chattanooga, TN 2 weeks ago today. I was told that my ring would be here today....

Guess what after calling and calling trying to get a hold of someone I finally get an answer and was told they would have to call me back after calling the shop to check on my ring.. waited and waited no call from the called back again no answer called customer service only to find out that for some unknown reason my rings were not sent to the store and would be delivered sometime tonight. Called the store again only to be rudely talked to by some very unprofessional female that acted like it was no bid deal that my rings were not there yet.. was finally told that it may be tomorrow before my rings were there.

For $20 dollars more I could have gotten my rings across the hall of the mall at Zale's and had them in 2 days time. I will never buy anything else from Kay's or recommend them to anyone else....Good thing my wedding is still a month away or I wouldn't have rings for the wedding.

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They did the same thing to me and I showed up to get my ring on the promise date and they fed me some line that there was a loose stone. That I should be grateful they caught it before i got it back and the only woman who could fix it was in Florida.

When I asked why they didnt tell me this before the promise date came, they replied, your ring must have been the last one they got to and they must have just done it last night. They didnt do my ring till the night before after being there for 2 weeks and it was still somehow going to get to the store on time? I got the ring back 5 days later with the stone MISSING!! The woman at the Wooster Ohio store told me to go to the Medina store where my fiance had purchased the ring and have them cast me a new ring .

.cause they didnt want to, I guess. Not to mention, they sized the ring 1/4 too small. Also, i had inquired about switching the main diamond to a radiant cut and was quoted $1583 for a 0.9 carat just to go to the store (they didnt call to have me come in so I went in on my own hoping it would be there) and they showed me a different diamons that was 0.72 carats and quoted me 42400. I get that this was probably a better quality diamond but that wasnt the merchandise I was interested in.

I explained this to them and they brucheed it off and didnt even bother to try and get the diamon we had originally discussed or another one similar around that price (after trading in the center diamond currently on the ring in THEIR posession). So, I guess they didnt want to do their job and make some money. I call the 800 number and they tell me I can keep the damaged, wrong size ring until the new one comes in, in 2 months and they will send me a $25 gift card!! Hello, what does $25 buy there and why would I want to give them more $$.

At this point, we start to think maybe we should ask for our $ back. I had emailed them from the sterling jewelers website and discovered that email is apparently bogus (according to Krista) I resend my emails through the Kay site and call Krista to confirm they had been received and she refused to check. I was informed that wasnt her job and she wasnt going to go through 4000 emails to find mine! Silly me, I thought customer service was her job!!

We then googled and found out kays sucked and also heard horror stories from friends! We officially decide to return the ring so I call Sara and inform her that my fiance is in Fort Wayne, Indianna on business and I needed her to send them the info so he could sign for the return. She said mno problem and told me Holly took care of it. When he showed up, they had NO clue what he was talking about .

.they didnt even know the head quarters were in Akron!! I called back and talked to Holly who told me tough, and she didnt have time to argue with me . .I got rude and she hung up. She did call back a while later and informed me that she took care of it and his debit card will be credited within 5 business days.

They messed up everything else, I am hoping they can actually come thru with a RETURN. This company has no sense of customer service and it honestly runs top to bottom. I will NEVER EVER buy anything from JB, Jareds or Kays . .the jewelry is garbage AND the sales associates are just that.

GO TO A PROFESSIONAL JEWELER so you do not get ripped off and ask questions before you buy to make sure they care. For the record, the Medina Kays did offer us a discount but we didnt talk to them till the end and it was just too late. The reputation of the company isnt up to par. And all these Sterling employees and managers that are on this site belittling customers .

.um, arent you just making Sterling look worse?

You just look like bigger jerks. Go to college and get a degree and get a real job and help society!

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