if i could give this 0 stars i most certainly would. DO NOT EVER SHOP HERE..EVER!!!

this is the most ridiculous excuse for a jewelry store. the people that work in the stores are rude and you would think corprate would have better service but they are even worse! long story short, i bought a ring in october of 2009 and got it sized that day. when i got it back 1 of the diamonds was missing so i had to send it out again to get replaced.

i pick that one up in mid november and it was fine...for a little while. i went to get it cleaned at the store around christmas time, the woman said she couldnt because not 1, not 2, but EVERY SINGLE DIAMOND WAS LOOSE! and its not like its always getting banged around or anything to where it could be my fault, especially in a short time. so i had to send it back in again.

i picked it up again in mid january and much to my surprise another diamond was missing when i went to get it. by this time i called corprate and the manager had them special order mine in hopes that it would be better. they ordered it in mid january, it wasnt available for pick up until april 12! well what do you know, april 20th im bringing the ring in again because surprise surprise another diamond fell out.

so the manager in corprate tells me to bring the ring in so the can see if its "merchandise quality," seriously what else could the problem be? its now may 1st, it was supposed to be back in the store today so i call them to find out whats going on, now they are telling me that the earliest it will be back is 4 days from now!! really people come on! how are you still in business!

they keep telling me i can exchange it. why the frig would i wanna exchange it after all the problems i have had with this one?! i tell them i want a refund and they say i cant because its been more than 60 days. really!?

why dont you look at the records and tell me how many days i have actually had the ring in my posession.

i can tell you it definately hasnt been more than 60 days. so basically this comany is ***!

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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And for the original post, sorry this happened to you, it does happen from time to time. About 1 in 1000 pieces that are sold.

Just happened to be you. Sorry.


The reason customers are asked to bring their paperwork is because of the privacy act. And when someone comes in to the store for an inspection and says "I don't have my papers, it was purchased from some store in xyz state, and I don't know what name it is under" is really annoying.

You know your are going to have it validated through the computer and will be given a slip to keep.

Stop being diva's and take your paperwork with you. Thanks


I agree, Kay will never get my business again, and by the way i just learned that you now have to bring in you ORIGINAL PAPERWORK to even get your ring inspected, come about September. WHAT?! I was told my warranty (that I have had four years) will be null and void if I dont have my original paperwork with me after they switch computer systems in about September!


Don't EVER have your diamond rings cleaned at a chain store. When diamonds are loose, they will scrub at them and let them fall out and deny that it happened in "the back." Also, file a complaint ewith the Better Business Bureau and your state's Attorney General's Office.

And see if your local TV News station has a consumer complaint investigation team and contact them. Good Luck!

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