Kay's Jewelers is the worst jewerly store out there!!! Not only did it take 2 weeks to fix my engagement ring, when it came back, it was in worst shape than when I originally gave it to them.

Plus, when I asked if I could speak with the jeweler that repaired it, they told me 1) they could not give me that particular number, and 2) they didn't know who it was. Any jewelry store that doesn't have a jeweler onsite or a local jewler that they work with is horrible. Seriously, don't purchase anything from Kay's.

You will be dissapointed! Hands down, the worst jewelry store I've ever walked into!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I'll slap his mama if he don't fix MY ring!


Most retail jewelry stores do not have a jeweler on-site. They gather your ring and take it in as a job.

They write up a description and hand you a job number. Within 3-4 days they take your job, along with whoever else was suckered into leaving their priceless jewelry to a bench jeweler, usually a bench jeweler you could have found directly without the middle man. From there they divide the work among his jewelers. They do the work for little money so they don't care how it ends up because they know its to the responsibility of the jewelry store, not them.

Your jewelry is taken in 'AT YOUR OWN RISK'.

That's why Kay and others can't repair your ring a second time without passing the bill onto you. Now you know.

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