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i am a jeweler located near a kay store, and have recieved many kay customers per year oddly having the same problem.

They purchase a ring after picking it out personally , return it to be sized after gifting it , and get back a different ring but of the same style only with a noticeably lower quality diamond in it.

The troubling thing is the number of people reporting this , one person would be understandable as bad things happen and can be fixed by a jeweler making good and giving the customer a better diamond , i had to do this once actually .

However kays response on all of these unsatisfyed customers is to tell them "we do not guarantee you will get the same ring back just the same style number.

Actually to help everyone out this is against the law, once you purchase a ring it is no longer their ring it is your property. It is legal for them to do that before you purchase the ring but not after, period end of story, so it this had happened to you , your not alone and i am just one jeweler in one town, now multiply this problem by 1000. wow

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Kay is a ghetto jewelry store losers with no money go to because they can't get credit anywhere else. Trashy people from all over the ghetto shop here.

This store is like Fingerhut only there is a physical location. Why anyone would spend thousands of dollars at a store like this is beyond me. O'yea! It's because they can't buy anything anywhere else.

Losers. Go to a real jewelry store next time.

Walmart sells better jewelry and you can do layaway. But then you would have to actually make payments instead of buying with credit and never paying your bills.

to losers #1434051



your online name "wow your idiots" and your comment pretty much says everything about your ability to make judgements without educating yourself about the topics you comment on , but to help you out a little , all diamonds are not certified , in fact less than 10% are, and do not all have a lazer insc. id number (less than 2% are) , and those that do, can be removed in less than one minute if necc. Usually the reason they switch rings not just the center stone with another of the same style , is usually due to a problem when sizing or repairing a certian style number when sent in to the place they choose to do their shop work.


First I don't believe you are a Jeweler. Any smart person knows that diamonds are certified with a laser number that is unique to the stone.

Those laser numbers are produced by GEMEX a company that both Independent as well as corporate companies use. That number is placed into the stone, and can never be removed nor duplicated.

A customer has the copy of the Gemex number and the sales associate checks the number prior to sending it out. As a company how would they profit or still be in business if they are in the business of switching stones.


Came across this site and was shocked at what I was reading .purchased a Tolkowsky wedding set. Had them sized with no problems that I could see How do I have anyway of knowing if my diamonds are the same Im know diamond expert. I LOVE MY RING BUT YOU ALL HAVE ME WORRIED.

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