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My fiance bought my engagement ring from the Neil Lane collection at Kay's in December 2011, which he paid about 2500 for. Close to a year later, I noticed that one of the small diamonds on the side of my ring was missing.

We took it in and had it repaired and was told it wouldnt happen again. It took about 2 weeks to get my ring back, I put it on, and within a week it was missing another diamond. My fiance took it back in and was told that the diamonds keep coming out because I work in retail and the manager kept making excuses. He was furious!

They sent it off for repair, when i got the ring back it was less than 12 hours before I lost another ring. We wrote corporate and were told we could exchange the ring, but because this one was discontinued, I would have to chose a new ring. I was devastated.. I LOVED my ring and my fiance had picked it out all on his own.

We decided to go to the restyle event and have the main diamond set into a new setting.. I found a setting similar to the origional, but since it came with a wedding band I had to pay another 2400. However, after being told that this ring is much better quality and it wouldn't lose any diamonds, I purchased the ring and wedding band. I got my new ring ONE WEEK ago and today I noticed that a diamond is already missing.

I am beyond furious! My wedding shower is Sunday, and I know people will be wanting to see my ring.

Our wedding is in 50 days and I am terrified that I will be missing diamonds for the big day. We will never purchase from Kay's again!!

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Pembroke, Virginia, United States #848121

the same things are happening to me... I have been fighting them since Oct.

2013 I will not pick something different nor will I give them any more of my money. I have right at $5000 tied up in this and I am at the point where I feel like I am going to sue them for a full refund. We are near each other within 150miles or so. Its crazy to me that we are being treated so poorly.

I was wondering what size is your ring. They said sizing the rings are my problem and that's why the diamonds are falling out.

BS is what I say to that. They seem to have an answer for everything

to Nicole #848406

I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this! Its not right to treat customers so unfairly.

I ended up not getting my new ring before the wedding, so i had diamonds missing on my wedding day. For pictures, I had to make sure the side missing diamonds wasn't showing. I'm not sure what size my rings are, but I have to admit that once I got my new ring that they molded in my size rather than sizing a bigger one to fit me, I haven't lost a single diamond.. And it's been over a year.

(thank God!) I just wish they would have warned me of this happening when I bought the original ring and the entire problem could have been avoided. Hope everything works out for you!

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