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The diamond fell out of the beautiful promise ring my boyfriend got me in May! :( It's not everyday that you get a lovely ring from a loyal significant other, and I was just heartbroken to see it ruined.

He works at a very hard and laborious job, and I know he worked overtime to pay for that ring. I think that Kay Jewelers should definitely have better quality pieces than this, for the amount they charge. When I took the ring back in, they said there was nothing they could do about it unless we had purchased insurance!

How horrible! Please stay away from Kay Jewelers!

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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, United States #791447

Buy a quality ring from a local jeweler & you won't need to purchase extra insurance. Most jewelry stores who have an in-house bench jeweler will stand behind everything they do.


kay suxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxs


yep! That's why he should have gotten insurance!

It would have been a smart move. I just got married and my husband got my rings from Kay. I've only had my rings for 4 months and had to have my diamonds replaced 3 times. It all depends on how you treat your ring and the quality on the ring.

My wedding bands were about $2000 total and my engagement ring was $4000.

I haven't lost a diamond yet from my engagement ring. Its all about the quality.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #712802

Do not buy from Kay's. Terrible quality.

I have had my ring for less then a year, a diamond fell out and $300 and 3 weeks later I still dont have my ring.

Had to cancel engagement pictures too. Glad I'm having such a *** experience during the most exciting times in my life.


Well, I'm not so frustrated as the rest of you. I've only been married for 4 months and one of the tiny diamonds just fell out of my wedding band.

I luckily had it inspected just 2 weeks ago. I'm so glad my husband insured the rings. to be honest, coming in every 6months isn't that bad and it makes sense to me. i'm sorry for those of you who dealt with rude employees.

we have this super cool indian dude at our kays!

I feel like royalty when I get my ring cleaned. it must vary by location


All the people who have a problem with Kay Jewelers send the CEO of Sterling (Kay's parent company) an email letting him know how he's running this corporation into the ground. Whats a shame is that he doesn't care.

Mark Light mlight@jewels.com


In 2007 my husband proposed to me with a ring bought from Kay's in Roseburg, Oregon. great customer service, and he purchased the insurance and reminded me to go in every 6 months for an inspection (which I do).

My wedding band (bought in 2008) was also purchased there (with the insurance) and soldered to my engagement ring. I have NEVER had a problem with my prongs coming loose or the diamonds falling out.

For our September anniversary, my husband bought me a ring during February with a heart in the center and the infinity symbol looping through it with black and white diamonds and again purchased the plan. The ring stayed int he box until he gave it to me on our anniversary.

A couple days later, I noticed a couple of the small diamonds had fallen out. Took it into the Salem oregon store (where we now reside) and they told us there would be a charge for it to be replaced since "it had been over 6 months since the last inspection".

I explained to them about how it had been sitting in a box for the last 7 months. the most I was able to do was haggle down the price to get new diamonds.


My husband purchased my wedding ring from Kay Jewelers in 2005 and added the insurance to it. Last year he bought me the love's embrace collection and also put insurance on it.

I took the ring in to have it sized and the gal asked if I'd like to have my rings cleaned while I was there and if any of my other rings were purchased through Kay. I told her that my wedding set was and she asked if I had ever had an inspection on it. I replied no, so before cleaning, she did an inspection and told me that it warrents the diamonds. Yesterday I noticed that one the prongs broke and that the diamond had fallen out.

I went to Kay first thing this morning only to be told that because I hadn't come in 6 months ago for anotheer inspection, the diamond isn't covered. WTF??? No one had ever told me that I had to have it inspected every 6 months and now the warrenty on the diamonds are void and they will only cover the gold and work that has to be done. I called customer service and they told me the same thing and that paperwork was given out with the purchase.

He asked me when the ring was bought and when I told him in 2005, he said, "well, it is 7 years old" Are you kidding me right now? I am so done with Kay!!!


My diamonds fell out too but that's why they stress that it's important for you to get insurance. You wouldn't buy a $500 dollar phone and not insure it would you?

Not this girl or her fiance. So why in the world would you buy a ring that costs thousands and not insure it.

Don't be mad at the store be mad at your significant other for not using his head. Insurance isn't expensive at all.


Kays is trash, just like all other mall jewelers. If you want quality, do your research, and buy your diamonds online from loose diamond sellers that show you the GIA certs right there next to the diamond at 10x magnification. Then bring it to a brick and mortar jeweler with a great reputation in your own town to have it set in a high quality semi mount.


I hate Kays!

one of the main diamonds in my engagment ring fell out about 2 months ago.

I was mortified to say the least, I took the ring in and was told that "diamonds just fall out" I was furious (and still am) they could not explain to me how this happened when 2 weeks ago i had it in for an inspection and it was good (the mananger even inspected it at that time) the lady was a real ***. so once i got home i typed into the computer 'kay jewlers diamonds falling out' and i was amazed at how often this happens and how many people they are screwing over! convienently the manager who sold us the ring was on vacation at the time so i had to wait and wait... i went in and told him my problem and about all the horrible stuff ive read and he laughed and said "we are one of the biggest jewelers around!

do you think that stuff affects my business? no." fast forward almost 2 months and i am still waiting to get my ring back (way past the promise date) it was promised to me again today... they dont know a thing!! I dont want their crappy jewlery back!

I want my money back.

i was told they NEVER do refunds! anybody know who i can complain to?


Unbelievable how many complaints!! My husband purchased my wedding set at Kays for $2500 AND paid more for the lifetime warranty insurance.

Now keep in the mind, the VALUE of the set was over $3500, but he went on the day before Valentine's and got it on sale. Within ONE MONTH, I had a diamond fall out, made them rush the repair since my wedding pics were in a week. A few months later, ANOTHER diamond fell out, this time it took A MONTH for my ring to come back and wouldnt you know it happened AGAIN!!! Finally they said it must be that the ring setting was damaged and replaced the ring with another one (the same exact style).

Within months, TWO of the bigger diamonds fell out. I was told it would take 6 weeks, which was VERY unhappy about, but let it go. Six weeks later, I call about the ring and they said they had to send it somewhere else to be fixed and it would be ANOTHER six weeks. At this point I have been without my wedding ring for a total of probably 4 months OUT OF TWO YEARS OF MARRIAGE.

I called corporate and told them either my ring was fixed A LOT quicker than 6 more weeks or I wanted a full refund and was NEVER coming to Kays again. The girl on the phone was helpful and actually allowed me to go to the store and pick out a new ring of equal or lesser value. I would thing Equal or lesser VALUE not what he just happened to pay on sale. Needless to say the rings of equal or lesser PRICE were a ton smaller because it is August and there are no Valentine sales going on!!

I LOVED my ring and did not like ANY of their rings as much as I did mine. But what am I going to do? I finally find one I like, that is $1500 MORE than the other one, opened a Kays credit card for them to charge the extra. YES I was angry that I had to pick another ring but I purposely picked one out that went with my wedding band because there was NO WAY I was gonna part with the band since it is the ONE part of the ring that had any sentimental value left!!

He put that ring on my finger when we said our vows and NO WAY is this band going to be exchanged. The employee never mentioned the band and I did not either because I NEVER thought they would expect the band to be returned since there was nothing wrong with it. A month later (today)I get a call from the girl saying the original (well not really original) ring came back fixed today and the band was not with it and they need the band back or they were gonna charge our card an extra $380. After threatening with a law suit and explaining that they would have to take this band off of my dead body, I finally received a call stating it was an error on their part and they were going to handle it.

We will NEVER EVER do business with Kay's and really hope you heed my warning. Obviously the quslity of rings and customer service is LACKING to say the least.

I have shed enough tears and spent way too many hours dealing with this and I am DONE. They are STILL selling this faulty setting to people so BEWARE!!!!


Im sure your experiences are genuine and Im sorry for that, rings are precious symbols. I do have to say I have been a customer for many, many years and they have always been a store that I can rely on.

They have backed their products and warranties. I LOVE jewelry and I hope you find love in yours too.

Kay has always been great. Thank You!

to Mary B #725757

you either work for kay jewelers and are making excuses on their behalf or you are one of the few lucky ones. i have never seen so many employees flat lie and justify bad customer service with no care what so ever.

most people have to struggle very hard to make a purchase like this and it is devastating when you realize how hard you got duped. kay sucks!!!!!!!! they only care about the first sale and not repeat customers. maybe the store you go to is an exception.

that is if you don't work for them. i would rather deal with a car salesperson as they are more ethical.


My husband bought my wedding band from Kay's and on my wedding day 2 diamonds fell out! Luckily he had purchased the insurance.

But I was pissed I couldn't even wear my wedding band on my wedding day - I took it off thinking I'd lose more diamonds. Very upset with their quality!


Kay jewelers is a joke! I will never do business with them again.

I have also had 3!!!!!!

diamonds fall out of my ring within 1 month.

Seeing this before making our purchase would have solved alot of problems. I wouldn't have given them a single penny of my money!


my fiance bought my engagement ring almost two months ago for over 2000$. that is a lot of money for a student and within ONE week of wearing it, a diamond fell out.

took it in and got it replaced then within one more week of wearing it two more diamonds fell out! that is a total of three diamonds in three weeks. we demanded a new ring and while waiting for it to come in ANOTHER DIAMONd fell out! I am a student, not a construction worker.

four diamonds within two months is crazy.

i am very unhappy with the quality of this ring, unfortunately it was the only ring that I liked.. ugh


I have had THREE different rings from Kays and had diamonds fall out of all three!!! My location is in Middle Tennessee and it seems their quality carries across the states.

They try to over talk there quality and it's not there. Customer Service does nothing to help the situation eiter, they make the consumer feel they are in the wrong.

I am one to write a good review before a bad one, but soemthing NEEDS to change with this company, I have had TOO many issues! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you read this before a purchase, take all these testimonies into consideration and find a DIFFERENT jeweler!!!


My diamond also fell out. Kay Jewelers sales reps will make you feel like it was something you did.

My ring was less than a year old. My previous diamond had been on my hand for nearly 30 years. They also do terrible repairs. From the moment I got my diamond back it has been getting caught on everything.

I'm looking for a reputable jeweler to get it reset again.

I would never take it back to this store location (Spotsylvania Mall), or make any purchases there. :sigh


My amazing boyfriend bought me a very expensive ring from Kays about 5 months ago. The ring was well over $800 and had a gorgeous heart diamond.

without even knowing, the diamond fell off the ring and is nowhere to be found. The quality reallly sucks for the amount of money you pay.

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