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My brother and I wanted to get my mom a new mothers ring for Christmas because her old one was very cheap gold plated metal from an online company I've never heard of. I bought that one for her when I was really poor in college but really wanted to get her something she would like.

Now, one of the birthstones in the old ring has fallen out. I'm not that surprised. Of course, she won't wear it anymore, so my brother and I wanted to work together to get something better. My brother just recently bought an engagement ring for his fiance and both their wedding bands there.

That all worked great for them! Plus, my mom got a ring from Kay for one of her and my dad's anniversaries recently and it's beautiful. Because of the convenience of online shopping (so maybe this whole thing is partly my fault), I decided to look into the mother's rings online. There are some really nice ones and if you get sterling silver for the metal, it's very affordable.

I picked out a few and sent the wishlist to my brother and his fiance to help pick from. We decided on one that looks gorgeous with a bypass on each side. The description says that the "diamond accents complete the look."

I got the ring in the mail today and found that all but two of what were implied to be diamond accents are actually just metal circles with accompanying "prongs" like a diamond would have. Kay gets away with the deception because there are diamond accents, just very few and very small.

I knew they would be small, but I thought there would be more than two. I would've been willing to pay more for my mom's ring if I had known that these weren't diamonds. I would've appreciated the knowledge they weren't before I went and bought a custom ring that can't be returned because it's custom. In my attached picture, you can see how the bypasses are metal dots because of the darker reflection than a diamond.

One of the two actual diamonds is also visible just to the left of the golden topaz stone in the picture. It may be difficult to see in a small picture.

Reason of review: Not as described.

I liked: Ease of ordering online, Pretty jewelry.

I didn't like: Deceptive advertising, Custom jewelry made in china.

  • Diamond Accent
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So... you didn't think to check the diamond weight on a ring before you purchased it and then decided you didn't like the amount of diamonds in it?

Did you think your "affordable" ring was going to be encrusted with diamonds? You get what you paid for, buddy, and this one is one thousand percent your fault.

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