i bought a wedding set 4 1/2 yrs ago.... long story short, was in the shop longer than on my finger in 4yrs!

mangeled my ring. kays corporate was awesome enough to give me a new set! i was very thankful. i got my new set, sent it out to get sized and soldered....

long and behold, came back totally uneven, gapped and just looked bad. sent it out again came back wrong again (the manager actually sent it back without letting me know it came back bad) he told me when it came back from the 2nd time that it had to be sent out twice. he guaranteed i would be pleased. i drove 40minutes in pooring rain to get my ring and of course....

BIG GAP ON ONE SIDE! they cannot seem to solder it correctly. i'm so upset and very very disapointed! this is the NEW set i just got like 2mths ago!

and it's already been in 3times, going on 4. it's a beautiful ring and i want my ring on my finger! i don't understand why they can't get it right. my husband is not a picky person and he is not very outspoken about things but he even had a lot to say.

for him to notice it.. i know i'm not just being picky!

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